Top 10 – Early Morning Commute Tunes

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It’s early and you’ve got a long commute to work ahead of you – perhaps not your favourite time of the day. So, whatever your means of transport; car, train, bus or plane these songs are guaranteed to wake you up and get you prepared for your busy day ahead. We’ve also created an Early Morning Commute Spotify playlist for you to listen to if you like our suggestions…

Number 10: Dire Straits – Sultans of Swing 

This great classic is guaranteed to have you air guitaring! It’s also a good four and a half minutes long, so you can sit back, enjoy your drive and get lost in the excessive hooks and riffs that this song offers.

Dire Straits – Sultans of Swing

Number 9: Foo Fighters – Walk 

Whenever we hear this song we think of the great American Superhero film – Thor! Imagine driving down the open road with this pumping through your speakers – you automatically transform into a superhero on a mission!

Foo Fighters – Walk

Number 8: Guns N’ Roses – Paradise City 

Another absolute classic – this one is guaranteed to wake you up and have you rockin’ out on those long journeys.

Guns N’ Roses - Paradise City

Number 7: Chase and Status – Alive

If this isn’t a driving song then we don’t know what is – it will make the hairs on the back of your neck stand up.

Chase and Status ft. Jacob Banks - Alive

Number 6: Bryan Adams – Run to You 

We couldn’t leave the legendary Brian Adams off the list and this one is perfect!

Bryan Adams – Run to You

Number 5: Whitesnake – Here I Go Again 

There’s no denying it – this one’s bound to have you singing at the top of your voice with the windows wound all the way down. If you’re taking the train perhaps its best to resist a good sing along – you may get some funny looks.

Whitesnake - Here I Go Again

Number 4: Mr Probz – Waves 

Just imagine yourself driving along the overseas highway of Florida Keys with this song playing – paradise!

Mr Probz – Waves

Number 3: Kings Of Leon – Temple 

Released in 2013 and another one to get you rockin’. All hail the Kings!

Kings Of Leon – Temple

Number 2: Klingande – Jubel 

It’s the sax that does it for us in this one, plus the fact that it’s probably one of the most relaxing tunes of 2013 – perfect for any kind of drive!

Klingande – Jubel

Number 1: Bon Jovi – It’s My Life 

Yes, it’s our number 1 and no journey should be taken without playing this absolute hit.

Come on – you know the words!

Bon Jovi - It's My Life

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